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Our work and this site is dedicated to sharing Ideas, Tools, Resources and Training that will help the Millennials in Kenya to address the current unemployment issues

Who We Help

At EmploymentSTUDIO, our goal is to help millennial job-seekers on their journey to securing employment. With the increase in unemployment and job insecurity in Kenya, it is important for us to work hand in hand with the millennials and educational institutions to ensure that fresh graduates and job-seekers are prepared with the required skills and tools to navigate and secure employment in this highly dynamic and competitive job market.


High School Students

University/College Students


Fresh Graduates/Job-Seekers



Our Services

Our services are delivered via one-on-one consulting, conferences and group workshops. This can be done via phone, skype, or in person depending on the job-seeker's location, availability and budget. Workshops have to be scheduled in advance so that we avail ourselves at the location and prepare the required materials in advance.

A consultation is required before we offer any of our services given that different job-seekers or students have different needs. After consultation, we will create a bespoke programme that meets the needs of the job-seeker, school, university or college.


The solution to overcoming unemployment is not a “one shoe fits all solution” and hence there is a need for engaging with the millennials and having a deep conversation about the root cause of the problem.

Our Approach


Our millennials are spending so much money on Resume Experts, thinking that a good resume is enough to get them the ideal job. However, we believe that a good resume just opens the door for the job-seeker to be heard. We, therefore, help you, the job-seeker, to prepare for this by working collaboratively with you to:

  • Identify the inhibiting underlying factor
  • Match the job-seekers values with best fit career choices
  • Help the job-seeker gain more self-awareness
  • Identify and explore lucrative & rewarding career choices
  • Overcome obstacles and set goals with accountability


These are some of the steps that lead to successful change and transition into a rewarding career.



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