Staying The Course

Building the career of your dreams and achieving your personal goals is rarely a smooth sailing. In the pursuit of our careers, there is always so much noise around us. And the confusing part is that usually, these noises are from parents and peers who genuinely care about us and mean well: Parents may want to direct you to a career path that they believe is lucrative, safe or comfortable. You may feel the need to play safe or to fit into a group, and hence you do what your peers seem to be doing. If you are not able to decipher these noises and concentrate on what is important, chances are, you will be confused, you will feel empty, and most likely not attain your goals.

We cannot talk about careers without emphasising the need to stay the course in all that you pursue in life.

Staying the course is about taking charge of our lives by showing up. Really showing up and being consistent with our plans. The reason why most people never achieve their dreams is because they simply give up.

They give up because they lose passion; passion is lost when progress is not made. When we stop making progress on that idea, that business, that initiative, that book, then focus leaves since we have no excitement anymore. Here are a few pointers on how to stay the course towards achieving our goals:-

Define the mission

Get crystal clear on what that goal is. How does it look like, who will help you achieve it, which steps will get you there, how much sacrifice does it require. Write it up and articulate it so clearly that is almost becomes synonymous with who you are per time. Every so often refer to it, as if to remind yourself why you are committed to the seemingly mundane daily activities that will add up to your goal.

The process of identifying your main goals in life is a process of deep reflection and continuous churning what resonates deeply with your inner person. These are the things which will matter most to you in your sunset years and will have impacted the world in a positive way (big or small).

Eliminate distraction

This one is big especially in a world of RSS feeds and instant messaging. On average 35 Billion, WhatsApp messages are sent every day, seriously, your brain gets stimulated numerously by funny jokes, beautiful people on IG and that urge to just respond immediately.

According to research done at Carnegie Mellon University, it takes the brain takes up to 25 minutes just to regain focus after distraction. Eliminate distraction by scheduling your time and sticking to a schedule. Become a stickler for scheduling, slot time for social media, for research, for relationships, for personal development. Once you have allocated your time in line with you highest priorities learn to say NO to activities which are impromptu and non-value adding.

Sometimes distraction comes by way of comparing ourselves to others. Each of us is wired uniquely and has our personal journeys to make. Quite making comparisons with other and only compare yourself to the best version of you yet.

 Understand who you are, where you are going and stick to your lane

Get your fuel/Like-minded People, mentors, books, blogs

To remain the course there is need to continuously fuel your belief system in-line with who you are becoming. When we were born, your beliefs are fuelled by where you were born, your parents, people you looked up to, religious circles, by your exposure. For the initial ages of our lives, we had little or no control over this. Sadly, for many adults what fuels their belief system shaping their paradigm is still unfiltered. The result is that many are operating on a defeatist predisposition by default.

To change this, be deliberate with what you are feeding your mind with, who is influencing you as a person? Get with the winners and avoid the whiners. You become like those you spend time with, either physically or through various media platforms. Be deliberate on the kind of information you consume knowing that is a building block to who you will be some years to come.

Learn to weather the storm

Difficult times and situations come to all people, but what determines our success in it all is our ability to get back up when we are not done. Muster all courage to keep going regardless of what life throws at us.  Think of those difficult times as intense training where the average is transformed to good and good is perfected to great. Stick it through and you will be glad you did when you see the person you are have become.  All dark nights have a morning dawn; it will get better, it always gets better, so stick it through.



Don’t be discouraged, it’s often the last key in the bunch that opens the lock.