EmploymentSTUDIO is born

Time for Something New: Job Search Redefined

To say we are honoured and excited is an understatement.
This has been a dream close to my heart for quite a while. The list of what motivated me to do this is endless, however, key observations going on in our society are:

It’s painful to watch skilled, talented, educated millennials go without work just because they do not have connections or do not fully understand the dynamics of the job market both locally and abroad.
Sad to watch many settle for jobs that are just a means to an end because they need to pay rent and eat.
Sad to watch some think that others are lucky, but not them.
Sad to watch parents take loans for their sons/daughters to go to universities, only for them to stay at home after graduation or settle for some basic need job.

I have been on the interview panels, and I have watched painfully as capable and over qualified job-seekers do not get the job they deserve because they lack communication skills to articulate precisely what they are good at and what they can offer to the employer.

It does not matter if you went to some technical college somewhere in ‘bundus’ or have been jumping from one job to another and still didn’t get that ideal job yet. We are here to work with everyone. We will work with you step by step and we will get you noticed. We will highlight your strengths and show you how you can use your weaknesses to your advantage.

We Say What We Mean And We Mean What We Say.
 We will fight to ensure that no millennial willing to work shall go without work.

And by the way, we are not for everyone. If you are ready to work and ready to get that job and improve your life, we will walk with you all through the way. But if you are not ready to work or you are looking for a magic pill, we can only wish you well.

For parents of this generation, it is important to start shaping the careers of your sons/daughters early while they are still students, so that they don’t end up with this common millennial dilemma of “I cannot find work because I lack experience, and I lack experience because I cannot find work”.

Let’s take back our power and do what is necessary to achieve the careers we have always dreamt of and consequently improve the quality of our lives.

We believe that even though there is: stiff competition in the job market, increase in job insecurities, and a lot of uncertainty going on, there has never been a time where you can achieve so much due to technological advancement, reduced barriers to trade, access to online education, as well as vast scholarships opportunities being offered by international bodies interested in talented millennials.

We will continue to champion the issues close to our hearts:
Quality Education and Employment Opportunities for Kenyan Millennials.


*Bundus* - somewhere deep down in the village