Employability Workshops

"Our workshops have been created to prepare students for the world of work"

Various employers and international bodies have raised concerns that half of the graduates in the region are unprepared for the job market. Our employability workshops aim to teach and prepare students with the skill sets that are required to get on-board in the job market or get an internship. The workshop ensures that the students take home tips and ‘know-how’ such as:

  • Innovative Job-Search Techniques to navigate the current competitive job market both locally and globally.
  • Writing resumes that will get them that interview, and cover letters that will open doors for them.
  • LinkedIn usage and profile optimisation.
  • We will help the students to identify and show them ways to acquire the desirable skills required to be considered as employable in the current job market.
  • We will show them how to find internships and work experience placements and prepare them for these experiences so that they can fully utilise the available opportunities to their advantage and secure permanent roles after completion of internships/work placements.