“Engaging the Youth, Creating Livelihoods”

Our motto “Engaging the Youth, Creating Livelihoods” stems from the belief that in order to eradicate unemployment we need to tackle the problem at the core, and this can only be achieved by having an open discussion with the millennials about their predispositions, challenges, concerns, desires, strengths and aspirations. With this analysis, we at EmploymentSTUDIO design solutions that meet the job seekers' needs and consequently improve their earning potential.

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Why We Do What We Do

Finding a job, let alone the right job in Kenya has become a daunting task for the millennials. Too many uncertainties: the pressure to earn a living, parents wondering if it is worth investing all that money in education or just invest the money into a business to secure their children’s future, fear driving many to settle for careers that are way below their qualifications, student loans piling up. These are just a few of the challenges that millennials encounter when seeking a meaningful career.

However, EmploymentSTUDIO believes that there are more options and solutions available that can be pursued by the millennials in order to improve their earning potential and get their ideal job. EmploymentSTUDIO is here to help the millennials, starting from high school students, university students, fresh graduates, and the millennial job seekers by equipping them with the tools and techniques that address the current unemployment issues in Kenya. Our solutions are both locally and globally based, which allow the millennials to stretch farther across the border if need be.