EmploymentSTUDIO understands the challenges that the parents of the millennials face in this era: Expensive education, whilst no guarantee of a financially stable future, unstable millennials jumping from one employer to another employer with no significant income to provide for themselves, hence relying on the parents’ financial support. We provide private services for teenagers who are willing to start early in defining a path for their further studies and increasing their chances of securing meaningful jobs both locally and globally in this highly competitive job market.

EmploymentSTUDIO offers one-on-one consultations and coaching which can be tailored to suit the needs and career goals for your sons/daughters.

Why We Should All Be Concerned

Concerns have been raised by employers and international bodies on the quality of graduates being produced by universities and colleges in Kenya. Now, more than ever, it is the responsibility of higher education institutions to work hand in hand with students, parents and career consultants to prepare the youth to step into the career world and advance further.